DD46170P Spicer DIfferential

46,000 Lbs Spicer Differential

RPL23160 Meritor Differential

46,000 Lbs Meritor Differentia


Capital Gear stocks a large variety of inventory of rebuilt transmissions, new transmissions, rebuilt differentials, new differentials, rebuilt transfer cases, new transfer cases, rebuilt planetary axles, new planetary axles, rebuilt off-highway brakes and new off-highway brakes.

Capital Gear builds top quality units that are “second-to-none” in the industry. From tear down to completion of rebuilding, in-depth procedures are used to ensure each unit is built to meet our high standards of quality.

We offer after hour service (no call out fee) as well as in-town delivery. Hot shot delivery service is available.

Capital Gear uses its expertise, fast delivery and competitive pricing to service customers from 24+ countries worldwide. We have the knowledge to export parts and units, securely and safely.

We stock the following units and parts:
  •   •  Axleshafts
  •   •  Bearings
  •   •  Differentials
  •   •  Driveshafts
  •   •  Front Drive Steers
  •   •  Gears
  •   •  Off-Highway Brakes
  •   •  Planetary Axles
  •   •  Seals
  •   •  Transmissions
  •   •  Transfer Cases
  •   •  U-Joints
  •   •  Yokes
  •   …. And many more