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DT Planetary

Capital Gear can help maximize your trucks potential. Convert any truck to dual purpose.
Transform your single, tandem or tridem class 8 tractors into a prime mover or heavy hauler simply by changing the hubs. The DT Hub can convert the most common Dana (Eaton) and Meritor axles into planetary axles with a 3:1 gear reduction. The reduction is activated and controlled by using existing truck air.

Install the DT Planetary torque hubs on your truck and the ratio, in low range, goes to 3:1. If your truck differentials are 4.10 to 1 ratio, with a DT Hub kit installed, the combined ratio of the carrier in 4.10 and the DT Planetary Hubs in 3.00 creates a final drive ratio of a staggering 12:1.

The hubs can be air shifted by the driver creating a dual purpose truck. Highway speeds for going between jobs and the ability to shift into low planetary reduc¬tion, once you are at the job site, to give you unbelievable pulling power.

The DT Hub is a patented design, invented in North America and built in Germany. The DT Hub has been in service well over 20 years of continuous use with upgrades along the way.

Today the DT Planetary Hub system is utilized in trucks that need the ability to perform at both highway and off highway speeds. Trucks like oilfield rig moving, heavy haul log, cement, mining and Prime Movers.

The DT Planetary Hub system has moved millions of pounds over the years. Recently a Prime Mover moved a load in excess of 900,000 lbs.

Capital Gear is your worldwide authorized distributor of DT Planetary. Call us at 780-487-1244 for all your DT Planetary requirements.